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The overall process for tax returns was very complicated earlier. Then an individual had to verify the acknowledgement copy to complete the process for tax returns.

E-Verify ITR Through HDFC Net Banking || HDFC Mobile Banking

The copy of ITR-V was needed to be sent to Bangalore for verification purposes and thus the procedure of paying out tax returns was very long. Actually, sending the full page verification document named ITR-V to Bangalore was the major problem faced by the common people. But the new E-verification process envisions to make this process simpler, smarter and faster.

This new E-verification process will abolish the existence of the earlier long term procedure. By using the new E-verification process an individual can easily verify their tax returns online through Electronic Verification Code EVC.

This inventive method will rapid up the process of verifying income tax returns. An individual will also get the opportunity to verify their tax returns using Aadhar based verification process. The major benefit of this E-verification process is that it will allow the verification process to run quickly and smoothly and all of the tax payers will be eligible to verify their tax returns.

This process will certainly benefit the small tax payers. So, if anybody wills to pay their tax returns of past years then they have to send the signed copy of ITR-V to Bangalore within days to verify their tax returns manually. An individual can send their copy through ordinary or speed post and same process applies for anybody who is unable to verify online. One has to put their correct pin number in that ATM when asked. Then one has to select the option of the process of generating EVC for income tax return filling.

After selecting this option, the EVC will be provided to the registered mobile number of the individual. For generating EVC by using Online Banking, one has to be very careful of the fact that all of the banks are not authorized by the income tax department for providing EVC to individuals. One has to contact with the bank or check the website of the bank carefully to know if the bank is authorized by the income tax department.

Then one will have to login to their online bank account on the official website of the bank. Then one will have to search for income tax, e-filling option after logging in.

The search results may differ from one bank to another but is not a matter of concern as the authorized banks will obviously provide income tax filling procedure.Updated on Nov 10, - AM. Products IT. About us Help Center. Log In Sign Up. An income tax return once filed, requires to be verified in order to be considered as valid and to be processed by the income tax department. Previously, the process of verification of the return entailed taking a print of the ITR V return filing acknowledgementsigning it and sending the same to the Central Processing Centre CPC in Bangalore.

To ease the verification process, the government has notified new modes via which you may electronically file and verify your returns. To e-verify using your HDFC account, follow the steps in the attached guide.

There is a tab related to income tax filing on the home page. On selecting the e-verify option, the page will be redirected to the government e-filing portal. Clicking on my account on the e-filing page will generate the EVC which will be sent to your registered email ID and registered mobile number.

6 easy ways to e-verify ITR-V form online – EVC, Aadhaar, NetBanking, ATM, Demat,DSC

Using the EVC you may e-verify your income tax return. Prior to using this verification mode, you must ensure that your bank is authorised by the income tax department for providing such facilities. The steps for every bank vary from one another.

Frequently asked Question: How can I verify my return electronically? What is the benefit of verifying return electronically?

HDFC Bank NetBanking Login - ITR E-Verification Online

Are these steps same for every bank apart from HDFC? Ans: The steps for every bank vary from one another.Yes No. Email id: [email protected] Branch Timing: a. Sunday to Thursday Our Head Office. Step 5: Select the Authentication option from. CA Assisted Income Tax. NetBanking is a payment method that you can use to make manual payments through a bank transfer.

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This kind of payment is supported by our trusted payment partner, TimesofMoney. Requirements and security. You can use NetBanking to make a manual payment if: You have a billing address and bank account in India. Your bank is supported by our payment. With the new and improved HDFC Bank MobileBanking app, you can instantly and securely access both your personal and business bank accounts all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Visit Now. HDFC Bank is neither guaranteeing nor making any representation. Open your trading account and start investing in share market today!

Log in to NetBanking. Your security is of utmost importance. Know More First Time User? Register Now for a.

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Also Read. This service enables the bank's customers to conduct financial and non- financial transaction comfortably, easily, and securely.Filing of income tax is an important procedure for the taxpayers.

Many people think that they are free from the responsibility after filing the income tax returns. The process of filing is incomplete without e-verification of your tax return. A return is not valid until it is verified as filed by the taxpayer. The Income Tax department starts processing your return only when it is verified.

There are many ways to verify your ITRs. The returns can be verified manually as well as electronically. What is Income Tax Return and the last date of filing tax returns?

You can skip this section if you are already familiar with it. An Income Tax Return is a statement that contains all the information regarding income of a taxpayer and tax thereon to be filed with the income tax authority. It is to be filled in a prescribed format and you need to fill respective ITR form. Different forms are available for individuals, firms, HUFs, companies, trusts, etc.

One needs to choose a correct form as per the income tax law and furnish all the information required on those forms. The due date of filing income tax returns for individuals and non-auditable firms is 31st July.

However, for the financial year assessment yearthis date has been extended to 31th August. For companies, auditable firms, trusts etc the last date to file their income tax returns is 30th September. Various ways to do e-verification of ITR in India. The income tax department has given many ways to e-verify your income tax return. The following are some of the simple ways to e-verify ITR. Here are the simple steps of process to e-verify your return through net banking:.

How to e-verify ITR

Log in to the Net Banking Account. On clicking it, you will be guided to the e — filing portal. Once you are there, click on e-verify ITR and you would get a message that it is successful.

Your IT return is verified. Click on that and you are done. If one wishes to verify his ITR through Aadhar card, then his Aadhar card must be linked with his mobile number. Log in to e-filing portal. Please make sure that your Aadhar Card is linked with your Pan number. Under this option, a taxpayer will be shown with three options. Click on to this option. An OTP one-time password is created and sent to your registered mobile number.Checkout our new series on YouTube.

Filing your ITR is not the last step of the process. It is equally important to e verify your ITR. Moreover, only returns that have been verified are eligible for refunds. Additionally, if you do not verify your return, it will be treated as an invalid return. Therefore, in this case, you will have to file a belated return. It is important to e verify the return in days.

Given below are the methods one can use to complete the process of e-verification of ITR:. To verify your ITR using this method, you will be required to link your Aadhaar to your registered mobile number. Moreover, you must also link your PAN to your Aadhaar. This facility is only applicable to certain banks. You can check the list of the banks that offer this facility on the Income Tax e-Filing portal. Moreover, you would also need to prevalidate your bank account on the portal.

The process of prevalidation is successful only if the PAN matches the bank account records. This method is similar to the Bank Account method.

In this case, too, you will have to prevalidate your Demat Account on the Income Tax e-Filing portal. This process takes hours and in case of any error, you receive an e-Mail on the registered e-Mail ID. You can go ahead with this method if you have availed the Netbanking of your bank account.

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Some of the banks that offer the facility to verify your ITR are listed below:. You can find the entire list of the banks that offer the Netbanking facility on the Income Tax e-Filing portal. Additionally, the EVC generated via this method is valid for 72 hours. Similar to the netbanking method, the Income Tax Department offers this facility to generate code through the bank ATM to select banks. Currently, only six banks are allowed to avail of this facility. Therefore, the EVC generated through this process is valid for 72 hours.

The code is sent to your registered mobile number. If it is not possible to electronically verify your ITR, you can physically verify it.But, what e-verification of ITR means?

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The answer is — yes! And needless to mention that mobile is the trend of the current era. To which — there is no hassle in saying that most of the taxpayer use mobile banking to e-file and e-verify their tax returns. But, the government came up with a solution to this. And what that solution is? Mark To our concern — only selective banks provide net banking: ITR e-verification service. And which those selective banks are? Meanwhile, you can only verify your ITR if you have availed the net banking facility of the particular bank account.

Not all, only selective banks allow you to e-verify your ITR through net banking. Visit Them Here! The government has allowed HDFC bank to go with net banking and e-verify income tax returns. We all know that HDFC is a limited bank. But rare one knows about its full form.

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So, what are you waiting for? If no! All right, and what this e-verification is? Ease; it stands for electronic verification…. Fast forward, it is an electronically generated 10 digits alphanumeric code, which is used to verify tax return. For instance: xxxxxxx… Keep Going. Considering the lifted subject, as — follow out the steps given below to e-verify your ITR through HDFC bank net banking or mobile banking….Choose your reason below and click on the Report button.

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Suraj Goel. Preeti Motiani. Font Size Abc Small. Abc Medium. Abc Large. ET Online. An ITR after being filed has to be verified by the assessee. As per the existing tax laws, a return filed by the taxpayer is not valid until it is verified as filed by the concerned assessee.


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